Beer and Wine Photography – Staged Lighting – Transparent Background


Taking professional photos of wine and beer bottles is rewarding as it is tricky but the final results speak for themselves. What’s great about having your bottles and cans shot professionally is your website looks consistent and consistency with your brand shows professionalism.

If you want to sell your product on E-Commerce platforms like Dan Murphy’s you need a great image that is prepared for the platform and we can do that for you.

If you got a product, an idea, or content and want to make it stand out on your website and social media platforms to get more sales then I’d love to work with you and we can work on concepts and final images.

E-Commerce Transparent Background

For online E-Commerce website use for your own website or a third-party agent selling your product like Dan Murphy you need photos that stand out and can be dropped into their website no matter the theme. With a transparent background, these photos match perfectly and meet their required standard.

Product Set Up / Shooting and Editing


No product packaging is perfect but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. We will ask for the best-looking product bottle you have available and if there are marks or printing/packaging blemishes we will fix and repair them. It’s all about putting your best-looking product on display. Even though a customer isn’t going to care if your bottle has a scuff mark over the bottles 250ml label when they buy it, as your photographer we do.


This is where the magic starts where we shoot to match the previous lighting your other product has had or we capture your products to how you would like it using our range of light modifiers and techniques to achieve the look you’re after that was discussed in the client briefing.


We bring the final image to life and bring the skill of 20+ years as a photographer and Photoshop expert into your image to make it a scroll stopper and where you can see how these photos will be making you money.


As part of our client onboarding process, we will deliver to you the final high-resolution digital files of your product, along with all web image formats. With these files, you can upload them straight away to your website or pass them onto your graphic designer for further promotional work.

How We Work With Clients and the Process


In this stage, we look at your brand and through your website and socials to get an idea of what kind of look and feel you have made for your business and then discuss what you want your product to look like and what setting, lighting and effect.


In this process, we get props together and bring your vision for your images into reality. We will send you working proofs on concept as they are shot. So we stay on the same page.


This is where we bring the final image to life and bring the MAGIC of 20+ years of skill as a photographer and Photoshop expert into your image to make it a scroll stopper and where you can see how these photos will convert browsers into buyers.


We then supply the client high-resolution files in Jpeg, WebP, and TIFF files for their online, social media, small and large format printing needs.

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